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The -IGN form. What cases it must be used?

I only know that it is used when I'm doING some action. But I know that there are some other cases.
If is possible, can u write with an example like: Art (I, YOU,...) + Verb (With IGN)...

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The -ING form. What cases it must be used?

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    you mean ING?


    *The -ing form is used when the word is the subject of a sentence or clause like "Reading is my favorite hobby. "

    * ING form is used after the preposition. like "I look forward to meeting you" (preposition "TO")

    *It is usually use after a certain verb like avoid, dislike, enjoy, finish, give up, mind/not mind, practice. Example:" I enjoy watching television at night."

    It is also possible to say "I am looking good!"

    It's a Present Continuous form of a verb.. Meaning the action is ongoing...

    It can also be a noun for example:
    I love traveling.
    My hobby is swimming.
    Reading makes me calm.
    The ING-form in all these sentences are objects of the verbs.


    Hi Mike.
    The two basic reasons for 'ing' are to make a verb progressive or simply a noun.

    Progressive verb: I am watching a movie.

    Noun: I always do the cooking at my house.

    ING - is used to state what you are DOING at the moment.

    Examples: I am standing right here.
    We are working really hard.
    We are studing for the test.
    He is trying.
    And so on....

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