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How different is the Portuguese from Brazil and Portugal?

I would think that it's sort of like English between the US and the UK, or like Spanish between Latin America and Spain.

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    good question,the difference between Portuuese form Brazil and Portulgal I don't know right, but is more in the way of talking, the different words that they use(but we(Brazil) have the same words,but we don't use so much), I think that the Portuguese from Portugal is more formal.
    - Você está falando comigo? - Brazil
    - Tu estás à falar comigo? - Portugal
    * "Tu" have the same meaning of "você", but "tu" is more formal than "você", a little of Brazilian people talk with "tu"
    * "está and "estás" too.
    * "a falar" and "falando" too have the same meaning, "falando" follows the way of English("ndo" = "ing")
    it's what differ each,but have others words that differ too.
    Tu,você = You
    Está,Estás = tobe verb(is,are,be...)
    Falando, à falar = talking

    I think that you need to improve your English too xD

    Yes, you are right... The differences are very little, like british english and american english...

    Good luck in your studies!!!

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