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Hej! I've been learning Swedish for a while. And I'd really like to how a nativespeaker pronounce the word "jag", ¨måndag" (with k?) and nio (nie?), sjutton (hü- or hu?). I‘ve heard that it depends on where the speaker comes from. But what is the proper way for a foreigner to pronounce them? Thanks so much for the help:)

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    Swedes often pronounce jag without the g = jaaa (long a, as in the English letter 'r' in the alphabet but without the rolling sound in the end).

    Måndag can also be pronounced without the g, but the a is shortened = 'måndah' (short a, as in Anna)

    Nio can be pronounced both 'nio' and 'nie' - either or is fine.

    Sjutton involves the sj-sound. It can be produced either in the back of the throat or in the front of the mouth (more like sch). Most Swedes produce the sound in the back of the throat, but it is hard to explain in writing. It is like when you try to clear your throat and try to bring spit up out of your throat, but much quieter - without the rattling sound. Best is to listen to someone doing it, copy and get feedback from them.

    For more tips on vowel pronunciation, check this article:

    Good luck!

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