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What would a UK family appreciate as a gift?

I'm going to be studying abroad in the UK in the spring, and I'll be staying with a family while I'm there. I'm from the US, and I want to give them a good gift. Something that is hard to find in the UK that's easy to find in the US would be best. What things from the US would someone from the UK appreciate as a gift? If you're from the UK, what would you want from the US?

Thank you!

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    I can't really answer this because I don't know what US is like, but if i was visiting another country, the big differences are normally food. US is famous for its sweets, I was once given some kind of peanut butter chocolate thing by a friend who had been to US.
    In reply to one of the other answers I saw, I wouldn't recommend wine from America because you can buy wine from any country, not to mention UK being very close to France, so there is a lot of good wine here. Wow this answer wasn't helpful at all.

    Well it depends on what type of family you are visiting =/
    If they have children then I would suggest bringing gifts for the children (a toy of some sort they would be unable to buy in the UK), if the adults drink then a wine or alcohol will suffice. Alcohol is often brought as a gift for parties and get-togethers. Food is never brought as a gift (at least not that I know of).
    If the family has children then some parents actually find it rude if you don't bring something for the tiddlers. But really it all depends on the family.
    Teenagers will often expect nothing if they have no siblings or their siblings do not receive anything.

    Sorry if that didn't really help @.@

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