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What is the difference between European and American Spanish?

I have been learning European Spanish, but I can understand when I hear Mexicans or Peruvians. What are the differences? Is it just accent?

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    It depends... For example, here in Argentina we don't use "vosotros" (and even more, Spain is the only country that really uses it as pronoun), we use insted of that "ustedes". Other difference between Argentina and Spain spanish, it's that we don't say "tú" (it also happens in Uruguay and other countries), we say "vos". The letter "Y" in Argentina and Uruguay, and the letter "Ll", should be pronounced like a "J" or "Sh". That's the biggest difference about pronunciation.
    And also, you have to see the vocabulary. There are some differences between the different languages. The

    According to my teacher, American Spanish doesn't use 'Vosotros'. Otherwise, some of the letters are pronounced differently (j, v..)

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