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an English question from a primary school in China

Can I have ___________ milk?
Yes, you can.
A. some B. any

The answer is B. but i think it's A, because I requests some milk.
Anyone knows the reason for the answer?

Are there _______apples? How about this one?

Thank you`~~

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    The question "can I have any milk" may inquire whether the asker is able to have any of various kinds. If it was a polite question asking permission, then I would agree that "some" is the right answer. That is "could I have some milk?" In the case of "are there any apples", the inquiry relates to whether a supply of apples is available or not. I hope this helps.

    The answer to the first question is :A

    The answer to the second question is:your


    Can I have any milk? Are there any apples? No,There're not any apples. Could I have some milk? Yes, you can/No ,you can't.

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