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Should I also learn Latin while learning Czech?

My native language is Chinese. And my English is good.
Now I'm going to learning Czech.
I had been in Czech Republic for one year and learned just a little Czech there.
Recently I signed up for a Czech course in my city.
Today I found that another language center in my city has the Cambridge Latin Course.
Both courses start next month.
I wonder if I should also take the Latin course?
Would it be helpful for my Czech learning?
I must sign up before next Tue. if I want to take the Latin course.
Really need some advice, please!

For learning: Czech
Base language: English
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    I think that Latin won't help you with Czech, I believe there are a few similar things but I suppose it cannot help, because it is a Romance language while Czech is Slavic, Latin can help to Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Catalan and etc.

    No, I don't think learning Latin would be very helpful when learning Czech.

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