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what is the meaning of "counterintuitive" ?

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    The word "counterintuitive" literally means counter to intuition, and so it essentially means that something does not seem right or correct.
    A counterintuitive proposition is one that does not seem likely to be true when assessed using intuition or gut feelings

    OR in simple words

    Contrary to what intuition or common sense would indicate

    examples may help you understand it :
    #It may seem counterintuitive, but we do burn calories when we are sleeping.
    # it may seem counterintuitive , but even our x- president won elections with 99% but no one went there to elect him at 1st place . =D

    Counter intuitive refers to anything that goes against intuition or what is accepted as common sense.

    Example: If you are flying and the weather changes to reduce visibility, first-time flyers would go lower. The safer thing to do, and what experienced pilots know, is that going higher is safer, because there is less chance of a collision. This is counter intuitive - it goes against your first idea of what should happen.

    If you are driving in snow or ice and the back end of the car skids left, your first response would probably be to turn right. That is wrong. The first thing you want to do is go gently left, then bring the car back into the correct direction. This runs counter intuitive to what most people feel.


    I think, "Counterintuitive" is synonymous the word "illogical". This is something unexpected, contrary to common sense. May be?! :)
    counterintuitive=contrary to exceptions (:
    counterintuitive =not in accordance with what would naturally be assumed or expected

    Example:  I know it's counterintuitive, but the highest grade in this system is D and the lowest is A.
    The example is contrary to the regular exceptions (made by society or whoever)
    And usually the regular exception would be 'A' as being the highest grade and "D" being the lowest grade.

    Did that help? (: ?(:


    When I start my lesson, if the students are talking loudly and making noise,
    I use a lower level of voice than usual; the (counterintuitive) result
    is that my voice is actually heard, as the students are curious and they
    stop talking almost immediately in order to hear.
    I think that many skilled politicians know quite a bunch of counterintuitive tricks
    to make people think their lies are the truth.
    Nature offer several counterintuitive facts, that human theories about nature
    are still conquering, with new physical models and explanations.
    a) the global warming (greenhouse effect) will bring a warmer climate,
    but also more rain.
    b) as a consequence of the global warming there is a high chance that
    England will actually lower its average temperature and become ice covered (this as the Gulf Stream might change its course or even vanish --- now it has a flow of approx. 30 million tons of water per second -- ).

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