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Recommended websites/books for learning Portuguese/Italian?

I want to teach myself Portuguese and Italian from beginners level but I don't know where to start!!
If anyone has found any websites or books useful in teaching them either of these two languages I would appreciate if they shared them here !
Thanksssss :)

For learning: Portuguese
Base language: English
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    Sort by: – a community similar to italki that allows you to learn and practice as many languages as you want, with practical exercises (writing, listening and speaking), receiving help from natives. :D

    Hello girl (:
    How are you?
    Well, I started to learn English taking a book and a dictionary... I believe that it was great for me... Maybe it be for you too (;

    i have found this site very helpful, on that page you can find the italian grammar and there are many examples about pronunciation. wehn you are in the homepage just click on the button grammar, and you will start to learn italian

    Algunos sitios de Brasil:

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