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Where do I start?

I have no idea where to start in learning Korean. I only know a few words and phrases, and those I am probably mangling, badly!

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Base language: English
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    Learning the Korean alphabet is probably a good place to start. But a native speaker will probably have better ideas then me.

    I agree with SeanEJ. The thing that you have to do firstly is to learn the Korean alphabet and basic words. Because without this, it's hard to communicate with Korean in Korean. Also, Korean grammar is very different to English grammar. So It's better to know even few of them. But after you master the Korean alphabet, you can make any sound with Hangul by mixing them.
    Is there any Korean around you?

    i'm studying korean too and i suggest you must learn the korean alphabet or hangul and learn to read..
    some lessons uses korean alphabet

    Don't learn the alphabet first. Not grammar either. It will just bore you. Lean basic phrases and how to count first. - Listen to these lessons. It should keep you busy for many months.

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