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How do you say ''work out'' in Japanese; I mean how can I express that I went to exercise?

I have seen 運動 and うんどう but I'm not sure if they share the same meaning.

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    運動 usually means moving your body for mainly health or fun. So, I think it is right.

    I went to exercise ≒ 私は運動に行きました。or 私は運動をしにいきました。
    you can also ues エクササイズ instead of  運動, it is more directly interpreted, I think.

    If subject of [ work out ] is not human, when [work out] means to go well, 運動 can not be used.

    technical: 運動 also be used for express moving itself. So, if you find 運動 in some scientific contexts, it often means just moving.
    e.g. 惑星の運動(moving of planets) 運動量(power of moving) etc.

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