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What are the adjectives and nouns of these words?

I have a huge question. Please, help! :)

nouns: ?
- grow
- lessen
- strengthen

adjectives: ?
- decrease
- deteriorate
- develop
- fall
- grow
- improve
- increase
- strengthen

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    Here is your answer.
    the nouns of the first three words are

    The adjectives that best suit the remainig words are

    falling etc

    You can make an adjective of a verb by adding -ing to the word.
    I recommend that you get a Thesaurus. It is a book that gives many synonyms (words with e same or similar meanings) and this will help you with this and other similar questions.


    I think your questions have no answer.
    Q 1: grow, lessen, strengthen are verbs.
    Q 2: these words are or verb or noun or both

    These types of words are known as Present Participles.
    growing, lessening, strengthening, decreasing, deteriorating, developing, falling, growing, improving, increasing, strengthening.

    Some examples:
    The decreasing temperature made it unbearably cold.
    He was forced to drive a deteriorating car.
    The developing storm system was eagerly anticipated.
    The falling bird was injured.
    The growing child needs good nourishment.
    The school saw improving test scores.
    The state saw increasing drought.
    The strengthening hurricane threatened the coast.

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