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Looking for slang words in Chinese... thanks!

I have an excellent Chinese teacher here in Brasilia. She is a hero, to have put up with my phenomenal ignorance up to now! But she does not seem too inclined to teach me Chinese slang (quite the purist, in terms of language!). Italki is my only hope, people! Xiexie ninmen!

For learning: Chinese (Mandarin)
Base language: English
Category: Language



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    what kind of slang do you want to learn?

    我教你一个:在中国有些地方,比如我的家乡,人们表示吃惊的时候,会说 “乖乖”(guai guai)。

    chicken(鸡) 胆小鬼。
    It means someone who are Timid.
    If you want to know more,you can ask me.

    a funny one:
    我了个去! wo le ge qu!
    meaning What the heck.

    搞什么飞机?=what the hell are you doing/thinking about?
    放鸽子=stood somebody up

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