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How many words are there in English to denote a human being?

I happen to notice there are so many many words / phrases / idioms in English that denote a person, a person of a certain class, or a person with some particular characteristics, such as

BALL: oddball,
NUT: a tough nut,
BIRD: an early bird
CREATURE: a creature of habit
SPIRIT ..... independent spirit
SOUL ....... (a dear) soul

There maybe more than 20 or 30 in the list, and even yet more. Dear English speakers, could you please help me lengthen this list as far as possible? Maybe I'll compile a list WORDS TO DENOTE ' A HUMAN BEING' based on your work. That'll be interesting and help.

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    They're just metaphors. Your list could almost be as long as the number of nouns that exist in English. If the context is right, you could use almost any noun. Some common ones are:

    "A tough cookie."
    "A tank."
    "A beast."
    "A fighter."
    "A devil."
    "A moron."
    "An idiot."
    "A cancer."

    All you're doing is personifying nouns that may have similar characteristics as the person you're referring to. People will often just come up with new nouns to describe people.

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