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Does Portuguese and Brazlian can totally understand eachother?

people usually told me that Portuguese and Brazllian are like British and that true?

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    Yes they can. I'm Portuguese and I have never had any difficulty in understanding Brazilians. In fact some years ago, Brazilian soap operas were the most popular programs in Portuguese television, and there was no need whatsoever to use subtitles.
    Portuguese and Brazilians have recently sign a deal to eliminate the differences in spelling in the Portuguese from the to countries. For instance the use of silents consonants was practically eliminated from the language.

    I do not speak English, so I used a translator.

    The biggest differences are phonetic, ie, how words are pronounced. But there are also differences in spelling, as the use of silent consonants (in Portugal, we write "actual" instead of "atual"), and even the grammatical use (European Portuguese does not use the gerund, though it exists in grammar). The Portuguese was established as the official language of Brazil in 1758, but this time the contact with indigenous peoples and African slaves had already changed the language spoken here. "The Africans who arrived as slaves did not attend school and thus learned Portuguese in speaking, creating differences in the original language," says linguist Virginia Rosa e Silva Matos, Federal University of Bahia. Later, in the late 19th century, European immigrants arrived in Brazil and Asia, which provided further changes in the Brazilian way of speaking. In other Portuguese colonies like Angola and Mozambique, the mix of people was less intense and independence there was much less time. Therefore, Portuguese is spoken more like a European, although there are regional accents. For various reasons, both there and here, some words appear, disappear or even change their meaning.

    guy, the portuguese accente is very different than brazilian accent, although with hard understanding, us brazilian understand our brothes portuguese.

    Yes, of course they can!

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