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How to indicate you'll give a couple of instances?

When you want to give an instance, you say ' for instance', or ' for example', what people say when they give a series of intances? Do the above 2 phrases still work?

PS. In Chinese we do not have, generally speaking, the grammatical category of ' number' , so we do not thereby have this problem. We say 'li4ru2' and follow one or more instances thereafter.

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    "For instance" and "for example" can be used for both single and multiple examples.

    In written texts it is common to say:

    which are both Latin phrases and both mean = for example.

    After them you can start mentioning whatever instances you have in mind according to the sequences you wish.

    In conversation, you can also say "such as" before giving an example.

    The store sells building materials, such as plumbing supplies and electrical fixtures.

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