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How to remember Hangul?

I've been trying my best to remember Hangul, but I keep forgetting ;w; ... What's the best way to remember Hangul?

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    how about Having a Hangeul table or chart at hand :D

    You can either print a copy of the Hangeul characters or try to write them down. Writing them will enhance your Korean writing skills and will help you recognize each of the characters. It also helped me distinguish the differences of each character

    You know, the best way is to be confident and to practice, practice and practice some more!

    There is just one way and that is to practice over and over again until it sticks. Use this site to practice:
    Recommend this youtube video for understanding of Korean alphabet.

    maybe u can think of it like memorizing the alphabet..
    a =ㅏ
    b = ㅂ
    c (ch) = ㅊ
    d = ㄷ
    like that ^^
    Fighting !!

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