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What are the rules for capitalization in Danish, if any?

Hi, all. It seem only proper nouns are written with a capital first letter, but not other nouns, such as, names of the days of the week, months, languages, nationalities, etc. Is that so? Are there any other specific rules in this regard? Thanks in advance.

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    Nouns don't get capitalized - only names, countries, 'special' places, cities, titles, etc. do.
    And unlike English, those you mentioned are also not capitalized - August = august, etc.
    We just don't feel it's necessary to 'highlight' less relevant details, such as days and so.

    NAME: Chrisa = Chrisa
    NATIONALITY: Danish = dansk
    PLACE: Denmark - Copehagen = Danmark - København
    DAYS: Monday - Tuesday = mandag - tirsdag
    MONTHS: January = januar

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