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How is 'mine' different from 'min/mit'?

I understand the different between 'min' and 'mit' (Eks. min mus, mit hus). But, when and how to use 'mine'?


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    I'm sure there's a rule about this, but I couldn't remember nor find it.
    However, it's quite simple; "That book is mine" = "Den bog er min."
    There aren't really any words for 'mine', other than 'min/mit/mine'.
    You can re-phrase the sentence; "Den bog er min." = "Det er min bog." ("That is my book.")
    In most cases, I would say the latter sounds more pleasant and is the best option to use.
    So, re-arrange the words in the sentence; "That book is mine." = "Det er min bog."

    Btw - glad you caught the connection between 'en/et' and 'min/mit'.

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