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What are some Irish movies?

Or tv shows and how can I get other media in the language; like a newspaper or a book?

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    There is the movie "Michael Collins" but it's in English. I'm assuming you're looking for movies that were originally created in Irish. Michael Collins is not, but it is an interesting look into his life and and Irish history. If you're looking for media in Irish I'd recommend the TG4 network and RTÉ radio. Here are the links:

    As far as books go, I'm still on the search as well. I have found that you can get some of the Harry Potter books on in Irish. I hope this helps.

    go raibh maith agat agus slán go fóill

    Another video you might want to check out is one that is on youtube called Yu Ming is ainm dom. It's a little sad but quite inspiring. Here's the link:

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