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Hindi X English

In the movies I see that there's a mixture of Hindi with English. Hindi native is really like that or it's due to Britanish influence?

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    Aap kaisi ho ? How are you ?
    It's very interesting Q.
    I appreciate, more than Q it's your observation.
    See, In movies, actually they should in pure /native Hindi. But they don't follow that. Producers / directors look at movies just to give entertainment. IN the process (wrongly) they mix up Hindi + English = HINGLISH. Futhermore, now-a-days it's a trend to speak hindi with foreign words. (which is absurd) However, considering Entertainment angle, movies are enjoyable, isn't ?
    In a way, U R right, Britishers ruled over India for quite a long time, It's British English's impact and not American accent.
    By the way, Have U watched Munnaa bhaaee MBBS ?

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