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How do you learn kanji?

Do you just Memorize them in order? Or are there some exercises that could help?

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    There's a really good website I go to called ( that has a lot of information on Kanji and the Japanese language. It also has worksheets you can print and use ( I was born and raised in Japan, but now I live in America and struggle to find materials to brush up on my Kanji. The website really helps me, and is pretty easy to understand. It also has a lot of other cool information. Another good website is ( Hope the information helps!

    一所懸命漢字を身につくのはいい方法だと思います。がんばれ! This is the only method that works for me! The book is available in several languages and you can download a part of it to try whether the method works for you.


    Everyone learns differently, so you'll have to find out what works best for you.

    I like which has all the Kanji from JLPT, but reorders them so you learn the simpler ones first, and when they appear in more complex Kanji, you already know the parts. This also helps when you have several Kanji with the same compound where the ON-reading is derived from the basic one, e.g. 生性星青晴情 all with reading SEI.

    I also mentally divide Kanji into smaller parts and construct mnemonic helps for the meaning, e.g. 好 = "A woman 女 LIKES her child 子".

    What I struggle most with are the ON-readings in general (KUN-readings are much easier for me, I don't know why. Maybe because the word is related directly to the meaning.). I use a flashcard-program ( to train these.

    Probably, no one memorize Kanjis in order.

    I think that Kanji is not just a character, it is something like word, because Kanji has both of means and sounds. I believe it is a good idea to learn Kanjis as you had learned English words by spelling bee.

    Well since I studied a little of Mandarin Chinese before taking Japanese courses!
    Sometimes the on'yomi was the same in both languages like 来 is pronouncing ライ et lai in chinese so it helped me !
    But apart from that ,to learn Kanji I listen to Japanese music and I sing with the lyrics in Japanese lol
    Is there something specific you love about Japan like an idol or anything of that kind!
    Well I read something about my favorite Japanese idol ,it helps me understand a little more the language ! I remember well the Kanji !
    BUT I also take a piece of paper and write the Kanji I learn many times until I can remember the meanings ,the 音読みand訓読み ! Last year I knew 400 kanjis , right now I've reached 1200 kanjis!
    READ READ READ is the only way you can remember them!
    I would've loved giving you some sites where you can learn them but it's French...
    I hope I helped you !!

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