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How do you say this in korean?

how do you say
i have to go do my homework now, bye~

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    I'd say.. "나 지금 숙제하러 가야 돼, 안녕!"
    (na ji-geum suk-je-ha-reo ga-ya dwae, an-nyeong!)

    ①I ⑤have to ④go ③do my homework ②now, ⑥bye~

    ①I = 나(는)
    ②now = 지금
    ③(,and or to) do my homework = 숙제하러(숙제하다)
    ④go = 가(가다)
    ⑤have to = 야 돼 or 야 해(~ 해야 한다)
    ⑥bye = 안녕! or 잘있어!


    hi jonghyun???????

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