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Stupid Spam Series, 6 wot mean "google" here?

Wot meaned "google" in this sintence? is it a verb?

3. Ask your question on italki AFTER you have googled your question but still not satisfied with the results.

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    "google" means to submit a search string to Google, an internet "search engine". The URL is,.com. When the site comes up, you can enter a search string for the subject you want to find information for and Google will return many sites in which you might find the information, based on the search string.
    I'm not sure if this site is available in every country.
    The site was used so much that the site name became a new verb.

    When we have one doubt, we google. As a result, we have dozen and dozen of new doubts. Then, we realize that we know nothing and many other are in the same boat :).

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