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what is the difference between 'scheme' and 'plan'?


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    These two words are very similar.
    Scheme: a plan of action to be followed; a project
    Plan: a scheme or method of acting; a specific project

    I am planning a party for my parents.
    I am scheming a party for my parents.
    (Planning simply sounds better in this sentence.)

    hi...i think scham is a plan with a vaise regine and hase branchs on it that may helpe you to finde out where you are in procrese.
    maybe plan is a pice of paper that sho you hwere you want to go
    hope you get it..

    These are very similar, but a scheme is generally more complex and usually devious, evil, or bad. We usually do not want others to know about a scheme, and often others would oppose us if they knew of our scheme.
    A plan is neutral, but a scheme is usually bad. That is the main difference.

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