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Someone who can help me translate it in english? Please

第一个是我没有做过, 不知道这么做,方便的话指导我怎么做?

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第一个我从来没有做过, 我也不知道怎么做? 是用万用表测量吗? 方便的话教我怎么做。
第二个是中山没有这样的环境做, 这个需要您ssupport

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    The file from you was well received and carefully studied. And we would like to ask for your help regarding below problems.
    1. Please advice whether we can measure it with multimeter. Or is there other method we can use? Please kindly give us instruction.
    2. As there is no heating chamber here, we cannot do it.(我不知道你们具体要做什么,最好写清楚). Is there other alternative instead of heating chamber?


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