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About aspect

Can't understand how to decide aspect in Polish.
Take for example, "pisać" and "napisać".
If "Can you write in Polish?” is tranlated into Polish, which is right?
1. Chcesz pisać po polsku?
2. Chcesz napisać po polsku?

Please teach me.

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    "Chcę pisać list"- the verb "pisać" is in the imperfect form, which means that you want to write a letter, but it takes some time and you don't know when it'll be finished.
    On the other hand "chcę napisać list" means that you are going to finish the job before a certain, say, deadline. This is because "napisać" is a perfect form of the "pisać" verb.
    Some more examples:
    - "w przyszłym roku uczę się polskiego"- I am gonna learn polish next year (but it will be a continuous process without any clear aim or deadline),
    - "w przyszłym roku nauczę się polskiego"- I am gonna learn polish next year (to be able to speak fluently- the aim is clear here and it will be finished till the end of the next year)
    - "jutro sprzątam mój pokój" - I'll clean my room tomorrow (it will take time and I am not sure if I can clean it up)
    - "jutro posprzątam mój pokój" - I'll clean up my room tomorrow (it's gonna be really clean)
    To answer your question which form of verb is right- it depends on what you'd like to say. To express continuity you use the imperfect form of a verb, otherwise use the perfect form.

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