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How can I improve my english accent?

I have neutral accent in english, I feel I need to have style in accent. So how can I improve my english accent/how can I have british/american accent ?

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    The best way to improve your pronounciation is to listen to lots of audio materials with the accent you'd like to adopt, and to practice repeating phrases from the audio while trying to sound as similar as possible. This can be tough to do alone. Recording yourself doing this so you can play it back may help. Do consider that accents can have different associations in countries where your target language is spoken. There are lots of British accents and according to where you live, you

    Well, you can also watch more TV seriers and movies. I would suggest Desperate Housewives cause I think their pronunciation is just gorgeous.

    Watching movies, TV, and listening to music are good ways of improving your accent (be it British or American), but it would be best to get a native speaker to help you out with that. As you watch or listen, simply try to imitate the way they say the words and, with the help of a native, perfect your accent. I suggest daily practice and whenever you speak the language try to speak it with the accent. In my opinion, it is best to speak a language without having much of an accent since you are bet

    Everybody has an accent!!!...All languages....Midwest...southern draw....ect...What really matters is that people understand you....In America as in China there can be differant accents depending on where you are at.....Do not waste time on accent...Practice correct English...your accent will be natural...
    Watch movies and listen to songs. If you watch the same movies over and over again, repeating phrases after the actors say them, you will feel much more natural with your accent. If you listen to songs repeatedly and sing along, it teaches you how words flow together in English, which is very important in sounding more comfortable with the language. Native speakers do not annunciate every sound, so to sound more natural you will have to learn where we combine sounds. Music is a great way of doing that.

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