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Can someone translater this bahasa to English (Qus. 5)

Ga sombong boss apa sih yg mau di sombongin suaraku tuh lagi serak bgt kcapean sakit2an mulu boss aku tuh abis kena santet ada orang jahat yg santet akudi sini banyak bgt orang jahat

Sumpah aku ga bohong aku tuh hampir mati kena santet tapi Alhamdulilah masih di lindungi Allah

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    i am not arrogant bud, what can i be boasted of? my voice is husky, i am over worked/tired, sickly. sick of witchkraft /black magic :D. There is some one bad here, who want to do like that.

    i swear i didnt lie to you, i am almost die, because of that sick, but thanks God, he still bless me up an protect me...

    Hi Carous, what you wrote here is non formal Indonesian and it would sounds little weird if you translate it word for word but the rough translation would be like this:

    'I am not stuck up. How can I be stuck up? My throat is hoarse and I'm very tired, I've been sick a lot lately. I was cursed, someone evil cursed me, there are so many evil people here. I swear I'm not lying, I almost died from the curse but thank God, He protects me.'

    There are some words that might be confusing to you e.g. 'boss', 'santet' or 'Alhamdulilah'. Sometimes people used 'boss' like you used man/buddy in English when addressing friends. 'Santet' is the act of cursing people using black magic. 'Alhamdulilah' is just what Muslims said instead of thank, God. It's Arabic though and not Indonesian.

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