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The differences between teaching methods in China and the U.S.

I am writing a research paper for my English class about the differences in education between China and the United States. So far I have found that Chinese teachers stress memorization, while American teachers ask for creativity. Do you agree with this? Please give me some feedback, 谢谢!

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    Yeah, that is pretty funny. Chinese are pretty good test takers and when there is a set answer like math. They asked me how the US can be strong when math stinks. (Answer: Math is a tool, not a science) Also because the US (until very recently) attracted and kept the best and brightest in the world in grad school. Half of Shanghai's med school grads are in the US. Here is vocab word for your paper: 死板【sǐbǎn】 rigid; inflexible; stiff. Of course, a college degree is not the same thing even in the US. Many top high school students in the US know as much as State school college graduates. In China, there has been a will-nilly expansion of college enrollments without regard to quality of teaching. Finally, the American college/graduate system gets progressively harder over time. Getting into college in China is hard, but getting through is relatively easy.


    I think you are right in some degree But Chinese teachers are improving now

    我研究很多关于这方面的东西,最终得出的结论就是:语言决定了思维方式,不同语言决定这个民族的特有的东西,你可以看看著名德国语言学家Baron von Wilhelmvon Humbold的一些论文,不是中国教育制度的问题,也不是英美国家教育制度有多好的问题,而是语言问题。因为汉语是表形文字,你接受的概念是图形,就像我们画一幅图形,我们关心的是的线条之间正确的位置关系,横就是横,竖就是竖,这就形成了固定的思维,横竖的答案是唯一的,缺乏了更多思考的空间,而英语不是这样的一个概念,他是表音文字,没有图像的概念,是不确定的,你可以写的歪点,扭点,不会有人说你写的不对,这就是两者最根本的区别。

    As a Chinese who has never been to the US, I do not know much about the teaching methods in US. In your title, you say teaching methods, but in your text you say education, you know, those two things are actually different, the latter contains the former. If you are refering to the education, it could also be a big issue involving lots of vavious aspects.
    So I assume you are talking about the teaching methods. Well, as far as I know, the biggest difference is indeed what the other two talked about, rigid and inflexible. More specifically, everything we have been taught has a very clear goal: to pass all kinds of exams instead of learning knowledge, although we did learn something through this process. All of this is compulsive, we have few choices.
    By the way, you can raise hands and ask questions when you have one about what the teacher is teaching in US, right? But it is obviously not allowed for most of the Chinese teachers.


    Share with you a illustrative story. Last month, while in a major Chinese city, I visited an major college's English class. After spending ten minutes introducing myself, the teacher invited everyone to ask any questions. At first there were no takers, then one person raised his hand, but wanted to ask their question in Chinese. I said sure. After a while, more raised their hands, but it became rapidly obvious they were only comfortable asking their questions in Chinese. Afterwards, when I sat in on their class, which involved listening to an mp3 in English followed by a set of multiple choice questions prompted by the teacher, I realized why most Chinese students can read and write English well, but can't speak (哑巴英语). There is a lack of emphasis on interactive learning.

    确实存在差异,但是PHILP说的有道理,it attribute to the dramactic culture difference and history, as well as social structure. It's so complex and difficult to simply define an answer.

    just from one aspect- popullation, nowadays we have 40 students or so in one class in Beijing(when I was young, it used to be 60-70). If I don't stress calss regulations and let they involve in many interesting and inspriating activities in order to stimulate their "creativity", better end is that I can't keep with my teaching plan, and the worst is I will be sweating over attracting their attentions.
    Usually how many students in a class in USA?

    The international Math or Physics competition were frequently won by Chinese students. Are they really not creative?

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