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how do I say "keep your spirit up!" in Korean?

How do I say "keep your spirit up!" in Korean? to give support to someone? Like when they are sad or having problem?

I know "hwaiting!" means "fighting", to support someone or ourself when we are working on it correct? is that word Korean?

Please help. I'm still learning and really need help :)


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    힘내 (him-nae) = cheer up!
    다 잘 될 거야 (da jal dwel keo ya) = everything's going to be okay :)
    걱정마 (geok jeong ma) = don't worry
    당신은 할 수 있어 (dang shin eun hal soo isseo) = you can do it!


    AJA! :)

    "keep your spirit up!" = 기운내!
    You are right. Hwaiting (파이팅) is the English word "fighting".
    We shout this when we cheer somebody or our favorite team in a sport games or enhance the mood at a party. Some Koreans point out that it is Konglish (broken English) and it should be "go for it".
    But, in fact, Hwaiting became a too popular slogan in Korean society no matter whether it originated from English and so I don't think there will come up a substitute for hwaiting in the near future.

    I usually use 아자 아자 화이팅 (aja aja hwaiting) to my friends who are Korean, it kinda means "Go for It!/Good luck!/Cheer up!"

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