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Shall I learn Tagalog or Spanish?

I have a question about what language I should learn when I want to talk with the most people in the Philippines. Tagalog or Spanish? As far as I know english is also common in Philippines and Tagalog is spoken by the most people but I also know that the Philippines are very influenced by Spain for hundreds of years. So I'm wondering which is the main language in the Philippines and most important for me to learn? Or is there a difference between the catholic north and the muslim south? Is it maybe then important for the south to learn arabian language? Oh my god this is getting soo complicated! *_*

Salamat for all help!!!

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    Tagalog is often used in the Philippines. Even though we have a lot of Tagalog words that are similar to Spanish but we can't speak Spanish fluently. We can understand Spanish a little but we're not really using Spanish as our language. Therefore, if you want to talk with the most people of the Philippines it's better to learn Tagalog. =)

    English is our second language. So, if you find it hard to study Tagalog you can use English instead.. :)

    Tagalog is the most spoken language across our country, regardless of religion and culture. If you happen to come here and speak English, Filipinos will definitely understand you.

    Should you need any assistance in learning Tagalog, I can help you.


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