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diner/cafeteria/canteen/deli/fastfood restaurant/restaurant/dinning hall

diner/cafeteria/canteen/deli/fastfood restaurant/restaurant/dinning hall
I feel very confused about the difference of this cluster.

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    Long-distance passenger train in general WoPuChe and car made a between hang have diners. Diners are divided into dining-room, kitchen and storeroom three parts

    Dining-room is in certain places to openly to the general public to provide food, drinks and other catering facilities or public dining room

    The dining room is to point to set up in offices, schools, factories and enterprises and institutions, such as for supply the internal worker, students at the nonprofit places etc

    Deli, to selling cooked food shop is called as the deli, sales of products often include: special, the cold food, can be directly to the entry of the food, etc.

    Fast food restaurant is operating fast food for profit purposes business entity shop

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