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[construction] to not to

Hello. I wonder whether this is correct or not. If not grammatically then whether it is accepted colloquially or perhaps can be said in haste as when people stumble and repeat themselves.

1 Clark said a warning was sent out after that to "not to give the Corsair full throttle at slow speeds when making a left tum," because of the high torque.
2 What kind of reason is that to not to answer Q&A ??
3 ...Otherwise they might find themselves in a situation where they would have to promptly marry someone, so that to not to be left single without husband and children

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    Short answer: no. Please don't confuse colloquial English as an excuse for bad grammar.

    In 1 and 2, the "to" which follows "not" must be cut. Even in spoken English, it sounds as if you're repeating yourself, which makes you seem a little thoughtless.

    As for 3, here's the corrected part: "... so as not to be left single, without a husband or children" (check the difference between 'as' and 'than' - it's huge). The original sentence is, unfortunately, quite jumbled and nonsensical-sounding... even in a colloquial context.

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