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What are your favorite Chinese songs?

Written in english or Pin Yin preferably?

For learning: Chinese (Mandarin)
Base language: English
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    zhi zhan zhi shang【止战之殇】:link:
    ye de di qi zhang【夜的第七章】link:
    shuang jie gun【双截棍】:link:
    ye qu【夜曲】:link:
    wo de di pan【我的地盘】:link:
    qi li xiang【七里香】:link:
    qing hua ci:【青花瓷】:link:
    。。。。。。。。。。This songer's English name is jay chou,he is very famous in China
    pi pa yu 【琵琶语】:link:
    yue guang xia de feng wei zhu:【月光下的凤尾竹】:link:
    These are two pieces of traditional music.
    zhen de ai ni 【真的爱你】link:

    hai kuo tian kong【海阔天空】link:

    This a famous Chinese band:“Beyond”

    dao jian ru meng【刀剑如梦】link:
    hua xin【花心】link:
    yi qian ge shang xin de li you【一千个伤心的理由】link:

    xiang si feng yu zhong【相思风雨中】link:

    This songer's name is Zhang Xueyou
    chun tian li【春天里】link:
    pian pian xi huan ni【偏偏喜欢你】:link:


    Alan Kuo - Zero (Ling)
    Penny Tai - Crazy Love (whole album) (Ai Feng Le)
    Rainie Yang - Take Me Away (Dai Wo Zou)
    Andy Lau - Icy Rain (Bing Yu)
    S.H.E - I Love You (Wo Ai Ni)

    and lots of others!

    @ Jiang Shang (Beyond are pretty cool :D)

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