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I need help to understand these words~~Thanks~

1.What's the meaning of "ar-namys" , "awamak " , "awuşamak"and"aýakly"?
2.What's the difference between "arzuw etmek" and "arzuwlamak"?
3.What's the meaning of "bakyna" ,"bok" and "birmahal"?
4.What's the basic meaning of "bolmak" and "butnamak"?

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    ar-namys - integrity
    awamak - to hunt
    awuşamak - to hunt (something)
    aýakly - leggy, fast

    arzuwlamak - to wish
    arzuw etmek = arzetmek - to wish (to desire)

    bakyna – colonial
    bok – feces
    birmahal - a long time ago

    bolmak - often used with animals : Bol! = Stay
    butnamak - to move

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