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Russia - the cold country with bears?

Russia, Siberia - snow, a cold, bears, a cap with ear-flaps, beautiful girls, vodka, a mafia... You think are truth?

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    Dill; crazy drivers; crowded Metro; мат; fierce babushki; gopniki; krokodil (Коаксил); great literature; underpaid teachers, doctors, nurses, etc; lots of empty landscape; Tadjik dvorniki; salo; pirozhki; lovely chocolate; Baltika 7; Starii Melnik; rubbery cheese; delicious tomatoes; mayonnaise; more mayonnaise; even more mayonnaise; stray dogs; huge sacrifices in the Great Patriotic War; Nasha Rasha........

    matroshka dolls, ushanka caps, ferocious bears, wolves, endless siberian forests, dachas, icy cold rivers, extremely friendly people, beautiful girls,160 different groups of people, VODKA!!!

    To our foreign friends:) Just look at this picture and you'll understand what stereotypes are wrong)
    Guys! And what about good things of Russia?:))))))))))) Bath (banya), red and black roe, pancakes, okroshka, gingerbread (pryanik), The Hermitage, Vernissage, samovars, limericks (chastushki), Pushkin, accordion (bayan), felt boots....fuuuuh, I'm tired!:)))))))))))))

    (LoL) I live in Syberia all my 19 years and no one bear I see. May be in the forests, but never in a city)

    i have such stereotypes of Britain: tea, more tea (actually many russian people drink it non-stop, and so do i), horse faced girls, no humour, greatest rock-bands ever. I mean just England, because with Ireland, for example, i have another accociations- irish dancers,guinness,pubs,fightings,hornpipes)

    I think it's true. Lot of snow, coldness, bears, people, on theirs heads caps with ear-flaps.
    Mafia, I've seen on TV. Vodka and very nice girls? Vodka, I think it's a part of russian life stile.
    And beautiful, russian girls? Look into your mirror and you will get the answer :-).
    I think, russian girls are very pretty; it's also true.

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