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很多外国人说汉语很难学,个人觉得原因如下:一,汉语声调不好学 ;二,汉语语法和别的语言不一样。

For learning: Chinese (Mandarin)
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    我觉得难学的部分是发音和书写。 现代的汉语语法规则是很简单的。

    学习汉语分三个部分:语音,语法,词汇; 语音汉语都是单音的,辨识发音的准确性靠声调,这个和西方语言不同。 词汇部分主要一个是汉字的书写,另外是汉字是单音词,一个音(也就是一个字)就有含义。



    As for me, Chinese is a great brain exercise after the same daily routine. I love Chinese, it comprises so much wisdom and history. Every language is hard to learn, sometimes you reach the point of overfeeding your poor brain, starve for a while and the hunger will scream out. :)


    以前看过一些外国人的回答,有人说很难,有人说不难。我总结出的观点就是:如果你是在study Chinese,那中文就难如登天;如果你是在learn Chinese,那中文就是一门普通的语言,不特别难,也不特别容易。

    In my opinion, I don't think Chinese is such a difficult language. It kind of baffles me when many people-especially people who have never learned the language-think it is so difficult. When people tell me "It's so difficult" what they mean is that 'it can't be done." I can't think of any language in the world that is easy to learn. If you didn't grow up speaking the language, then of course learning a new language will not be easy. There are many aspects of learning a language that can be hard: speaking, writing, grammar, sentence structure, etc.

    Speaking can be hard. There are rules for the tones, i.e. 不 is normally said as "bu4" but it changes to "bu2" when said with a tone mark with the fourth tone: like in bu2yao4. The third tone mark changes when two of the same kind stand together. Another difficult thing can be understanding words that don't have meanings but have many functions, like 的,了,吧,etc.

    Grammar isn't that hard in Mandarin. Especially if you compare it to a language like English. Learning Mandarin has actually helped me speak English better.There are no articles('to' 'the' 'a' 'an') and no verb conjugation depending on past/present/future. English has so many weird verb conjugations, like "go" turns into "goes" and "buy" turns into "bought".(and it's easy to confuse 'bought' and 'brought) In Mandarin we use the same verb every time. The only problem about grammar is that sometimes it's TOO simple and very vague. Since verbs do not conjugate we add the time to show tense,i.e. 你刚才在看什么-what were you looking at just then?

    Everyone is different. One person might agree with me and one person might oppose. Once, I was chatting with a Chinese guy on MSN and he asked me "Are you really an American?" and I said "yes, of course, why?" and he said ’Because I think your Chinese is better than mine..." It really depends on the person and the attitude they have with learning new languages.

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