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how can i learn korean language in a short time???

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    First I recommend you to buy a dictionary and a beginner's book!
    I think you can learn Hangeul (the Korean alphabet) quickly because it's rather easy relatively.
    if the book you've bought is too tedious or tiresome, watching Korean movies or dramas or tv programs would be great.
    while you're watching them, you can right down some expressions. (whatever you'd like! like funny or useful words or expressions) and when you're curious about some words or grammar used in the movie or drama, you can find them in the dictionary and the book!
    then read what you wrote whenever you want.

    I used this method when I started studying foreign languages. it would be funny and helpful :] hope you enjoy studying Korean!

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    What do you a "short" time? Apart from what the second poster wrote (the truth), you going to have to grind!!!! Start memorizing sentences after you've sorted off the meaning. Devour the phrasebooks and hit the dramas. Three years later, you'll sound like a native speaker.

    Of course, this means not concentrating on rote vocabulary and trusting your brain to sort out the material unconsciously for you. Good luck!!!

    i learn by the korean music it is really best way to learn korean
    just read the lyrics and the translation then u'll keep remember ..the meaning when ever u listen to the song ..

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