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what is the difference between 정말 and 너무?

I asked my 어머니 this once over a year ago, but now that I'm not near her anymore for a while I'll ask you guys. All I remember from what my 어머니 told me was that if you put them together they mean "too much."

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    정말 : positive
    노래가 정말 좋아요.
    음식이 정말 맛있어요.

    너무 : negative
    숙제가 너무 많아요.

    Think of it this way. 정말 means very/truly 너무 means too(much)/so(much)


    -그가 정말 착해요-He is very/ truly nice,
    -너무 어려워요!- It's so/too difficult!

    I hope this helped :) 파이팅!

    Literally, '정말' means 'really, truly' and '너무' means 'excessively'.

    As I learned in school, '너무' indicates more negative meaning in it. = too much

    similar expressions we use are:
    정말, 너무, 엄청, 진짜, 되게, 무지 and other colloquial ones.

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