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Two words, "buzzkill" and "booyah" - what's the meaning?

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    A buzzkill is anything that ruins an enjoyable event or moment.
    "We were kissing on her couch when her parents walked in. What a buzzkill!"
    (A buzz originally was a slang term for the feeling after a few drinks or a drugs.)
    "Booyah" is shouted at any sporting event where your team (or you) score or make a great play. It was originated by sportscasters.
    "A goal just before the end! Great playing! Booyah!"

    Buzzkill: Buzzkill is like a really bad moment-killer. A buzzkill can be nearly anything. Imagine you are at a party which is quite good and everybody enjoys themselves and suddenly you have somebody totally destroying this party by doing something indecent or anything like that.
    Imagine you're at a business meeting and everything is going pretty well and suddenly one of your colleagues makes a racist joke or anything and the atmosphere is like really down.

    Booyah: That's really kind of ..hard to explain. I mean, it's really up to you what booyah means and it can mean a lot of stuff. Mostly you say booyah when you are extremely happy and feel like ready to go, you know?
    Like when you're having an exam and you say "I'm gonna get me some good grades, booyah!" or afterwards when you indeed got some really good grades you say "Damn, i got an A+..BOOYAH!". These are really only examples.
    You can also say booyah like in any situation which connects to something positive for you and when you feel overly energetic.
    Imagine a soccer player could say to his team before the game starts: "Let's do this guys, booyah!".

    Hope it helps you. It's kind of hard since it's slang.

    EDIT: Whoops, took so long that you already got your answer :)

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