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Where i can go in South korea if i'm going in May and staying for a week?

also how is the weather in May?

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    Spring in Korea, it's very good for travel.

    Cheju island , Songnisan National Park and Seoraksan National Parks
    are in my list ^_^ . Spring time should be very vibrent and fun to travel around

    There are many palaces in seoul, like 창경궁(chang gyeong gung), 창덕궁(chang deok gung), 경복궁(gyeong bok gung), 덕수궁(deok su gung), etc. they're really beautiful ^^
    or some streets in 인사동(in sa dong) or 명동(myeong dong) is really good too!

    Busan(부산) is good for trip.

    Busan is surrounded by sea.

    It's located on south coast.

    Every year, many people visit Busan.

    Not only korean, but also foriegner.

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