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because most men do not like being called "beautiful"?

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    I believe your question is "Why do most men not like being called beautiful?"

    It is an interesting question since there is nothing about beautiful as a word that necessarily suggests masculine or feminine. Men prefer to be called "handsome" whereas women prefer to be called "beutiful". Your question made me lookup the etymology of beautiful. It would appear that the Latin word that is the basis for beautiful, "bellitatem", was used to describe beautiful women or children, but it could be an insult if said about a man. I guess this usage persisted through the years! Handsome is used in part because it leaves one with an impression of a "healthy, energetic, strong, rugged yet attractive man"!

    Here is the etymology citation.

    Hello,Débora martins,my name is RAINKI, i want to be your friends to study English together. In fact , i didn't really understand what do you mean(about your question)
    "Because" means that you konw the answer , if you want to konw ,you should asked like that "why do most men don't like being called beautiful"
    and to this question, i think maybe man want to give his loving girl a good impression ,such as sunshine,outgoing or something else````beatiful is more used to girls not boys

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