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It seems to me that I've never been satisfied with I've been doing,what the heck is going on? Do all jobs share the same theory? I see some folks are happy with what they are doing,enthusiastic, energetic, motivated. Why not me? Did I choose what I am interested in or did I choose the job which suits me? God knows, I only like English, it drives me crazy. and besides I am also keen on communication, talking with all kinds of people makes me feel good,and I like it. cos on the other hand,that will increase my experience also. Therefore,I sincerely hope someone can do me a favor,give some suggestions or point a way or direction for me,your kindly help will be appreciated. Tks.

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    Considering your objectives,needs and "symptoms", I suggest you might consider to immigrate to United States, in this way, you can speak English every minutes twenty four hours a day, which would arouse your enthusiasm for sure. in addition, you would talk with all kinds of people with your extraordinary communication skill, as everybody knows, US is well-known as a melting pot of different people from all over the world. this is the only thought i could come up with now, just for your reference.....

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