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how do you say: "i'm sorry, i don't understand." in korean?

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    "i'm sorry : 죄송합니다 or 미안합니다 (Choi song ham ni da, or Mi an ham ni da.)

    i don't understand. : 이해를 못합니다. (E hae ruel mot ham ni da)

    have a good day!
    i'm sorry : 미안합니다(mi an hab ni da)

    "i;don't understand: 나는 이해를 못합니다. (na neun E hae ruel mot hab ni da)


    i don't understand <---this phrase could also mean "잘 모르겠네요"
    if you don't understand what someone is saying, u can use this phrase.
    it contains a case when you really don't know the meaning and you don't know something because it is quite hard to understand.

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