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"I have a lot of confusion." ?

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"there is a lot of" About 3,700,000,000 results (wow!)
"there are a lot of" About 2,160,000,000 results (quite much, too!)

“there is a lot of” vs. "there are a lot of"
Which one is the correct?

Can I say "I have a lot of confusion?"
(this sentence is written by google translate:-) )

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    Yes, you can say that. The reason we can sometimes use "is" and sometimes use "are" with "a lot of" is because the next word may be countable (e.g., "there are a lot of people") or uncountable (e.g., "there is a lot of information on the hard drive" or "There is a lot of water in the lake").

    Actually the second one is correct but because a lot of people thinks that "there is" is always a substitute for there's, the tendency is to assume that it is correct. It is a common mistake.

    Both sentences are correct. One should use "there is a lot of" in singular form and "there are a lot of" in plural form. And, yes, your sentence "I have a lot of confusion" is correct.
    There are a lot of players on the ground. (players -plural form).
    There is a lot of pain in my foot. (pain - singular form).

    I hope this helps you.


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