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mereka =/= "they"?

I have a question about using the word "mereka".
In English "they" usually refers to a group of people, but can also be used for a single person, "Someone left their hat here.. I hope they come back for it.."

I have my facebook set to Indonesian to make me work a little bit when I'm not studying.. I notice sometimes the status updates go like this:
____ juga mengomentari statusnya = _____ has commented on his/her status

but sometimes it shows up like this:
____ juga mengomentari status mereka = _____ has commented on their status ?

Can you really use "mereka" in this way like you can in English, to refer to one person? Since Dia can mean him or her, in what situation would you need to use mereka?

Thanks/ terima kasih!

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    as far as I know, "mereka" is used for the third person plural. And for the third person singular, we use "ia, dia, beliau (He, she for subject, and him, her for object)". For example, Maria dan Andi pergi ke pasar. Mereka ingin membeli buah-buahan. Maria and Andi are the third singular, also antecedent from the word "mereka" (third plural person)
    Notification from facebook sometimes shown up ....juga mengomentari status mereka. I think this notification only shows/appears if we comment on one page in facebook, then the page also comment to their post. for example, I commented on page "the difference between american and british English, and then the page also commented on their status. exactly in my notification it will be "the difference.. juga mengomentari status mereka. Don't be bothered of this because sometimes facebook translation is not really accurate.

    no... in indonesian, we use the word "mereka" only in a plural object (if the object contains more than 1 person).

    and the word "dia" (which means he/she in subject or him/her in object) usually refers to 1 person.

    i hope it helped ^^

    In Indonesian "they" refers to a group of people.
    You can not use "mereka" to refer to one person.

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