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What is the difference between calor and caliente?

I know that calor refers to weather, but when do you use caliente? Is it only used for food?

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    Hi there Brittany! How are you going?

    The word "caliente" can be used in lots of different situations, not only those regarding the weather and temperatures.

    - Just like the word "hot" in English, you can use it in a sexual context.

    "Estoy más caliente que la plancha del McDonalds". That's a saying, meaning you're...well, terribly horny.

    - It can also add more intensity to some colours, like red or orange.

    "El color rojo tiene un tono caliente" - Colour red has a hot tone.

    It can refer as well to something that just came out, you know, like a daily newspaper, or just news, or a record, a know.

    "Acaba de salir el nuevo disco de los Explosions In The Sky. Lo tengo calentito" - Explosions In The Sky's new record just came out. I've got it hot.

    - You can use the word during one of those games in which you've got to find something hidden, to tell someone the thing to be looking for is pretty close.

    "¡Caliente, caliente!"

    - Usually, we say about ourselves humans that we have a hot blood.

    "Los humanos tenemos la sangre caliente"

    - You can use it to mention a tense situation, if you feel danger or something.

    "Dos hombres armados entraron en el banco. La situación era muy caliente" - Two men with guns went into the bank. The situation was really hot.

    Well, it's used in lots of situations, as you can see. Hope this helps!

    'Calor' is a noun.

    'Caliente' is an adjective.

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