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How do I start learning Spanish/Korean?

Hey everyone!
I want to learn Spanish ,Korean and improve my English.

Do you guys have any suggestion to help me start learning Spainish/Korean?
PLS let me know your idea.
Thank you in advance .

For learning: Spanish
Base language: English
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    I'll copy and paste the advice I gave to someone else:
    In my opinion, you should get a textbook (a good one, though), write entries and then post them on lang-8 for corrections. Do both things at the same time, and you'll improve very quickly.
    Optionally, I would get a sharedtalk account and start talking to people that want to learn my language.
    Good luck!
    By the way, you could also try getting a textbook aimed for spanish learners who want to learn chinese.

    y help you in spanish

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