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what does you blow my mind mean?

I know that it is an idiom, but i don´t know what it means,besides I want to know what out of my mind means and examples in which situation we have to use them

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    It blows my mind= It really amazes and shocks me.
    Examples: 1.Bill: Did you hear about Tom's winning the lottery?
    Sue: Yes, it blows my mind!
    2. John: Look at all that paper! What a waste of trees!
    Jane: I agree. It blows my mind!

    Blows my mind: Something I never imagined or something unexpected.
    John says, "This is going to blow your mind, but glass is actually a liquid."
    Jane responds, "Wow, really?"
    Since glass is very solid looking, it is beyond imagination or unexpected when someone learns it is a liquid.

    Jura, your examples are not 'exciting' enough. I wouldn't see that kind of response. It is usually the person who is telling the information who says "this will blow your mind".

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